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ACC Meeting 2013
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FIT Symposium
“How to establish your Cardiology practice”

Mentoring is one of the main concerns in our Puerto Rico American College of Cardiology Chapter. We are fortunate in having a board of members who are willing to share their experiences, and pearls of wisdom with us. On Thursday April 14, 2011 we had our fellows-in-training seminar “How to establish your cardiology practice”. It was an effort realized by our Puerto Rico ACC/FIT subcommittee to provide a forum where fellows in training can receive a orientation of the rewards, troubles, and complexities of the different types of cardiology practices in our island. It took place in the Intercontinental Hotel restaurant Ruth Chris in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico. Most of the cardiology fellows of Puerto Rico were present, as well as several attendings from the different cardiology fellowship programs. Also we counted with the presence of prominent leaders in cardiology such as Wistremundo Dones, MD, FACC current president of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology, Inter-American Continental Representative of World Heart Federation, and council member of our chapter; Luis Molinary, MD, FACC, the elect president of The Puerto Rican Society of Cardiology, and Scientific Committee member of our chapter, Immediate past governor and president of our Scientific Committee Jose R. Rivera Del Rio, MD, FACC and most of our chapter’s board of members. Our current president and governor Luis F. Rodríguez-Ospina, MD, FACC had the welcoming remarks. The activity was moderated by Juan C. Lopez-Mattei, MD and William Borges, MD our chapter’s FIT delegates.

The first speaker was Mr. Robert Ashby, CEO of Ashby Services, a local medical billing company. He spoke about CMS different levels of care compensations, the requirements that the graduation candidate need to fulfill to apply as a provider for the different healthcare plans available in PR. Another topic of importance was the changes in CMS regarding consultation billing.

The second speaker was David Bragin, MD, FACC, ACC PR Scientific Committee member. He is a heart failure and transplant specialist who has been in a private cardiology practice since 2004. He spoke to us about the importance of making smart business with the different healthcare plans, and that cost-efficiency is a principle you have to apply in your practice. He advised us to evaluate the different healthcare companies, and select the ones that permit practicing a viable guideline oriented cardiology. He stressed the importance of advocacy for the patient with the different HMOs available in our island.

The final speaker was Luis Molinary, MD, FACC, elect president of The Puerto Rican Society of Cardiology. His main topic was the importance of networking and involvement in non-profit cardiology societies. The importance of been united as a working class, peer respect and ethics. Also he made a call to all the FIT, to get involved in our ACC chapter affairs. He emphasized that is important to avoid unnecessary testing, and to follow the guidelines.

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