Puerto Rico Launch of the ACC’s NCDR

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After a year in development and planning, our ACCPR Chapter held a key event on February 7th: The Puerto Rico Launch of the NCDR.  Responding to the need to direct and improve efforts in the quality arena, and having witnessed the stagnant implementation of NCDR in Puerto Rico hospitals, we were fortunate to be able to recruit NCDR leaders Dr. Frederick Masoudi, Ms, Kathleen Hewitt, and Ms. Barbara Christiansen (from right to left above) to deliver a 1-day educational program on NCDR.  From the history and trajectory, to the benefits and potential of NCDR, the educational program provided a solid foundation of knowledge and practical knowhow to attendees. 

Description: :NCDR-PR 2015:NCDR 3.jpgPhysician champions, nurses, and administrators from 8 cardiovascular hospitals took advantage of this unique opportunity to hear first hand from experts about how to get started, keys to success, and how to make it sustainable.  The program concluded with a message on the three pillars of a successful NCDR program team: a physician champion, a registry manager, and a committed hospital administrator, all with the passion to work towards success.   Strategies such as staring with the Limited ACTION Registry, for hospitals already part o the PRINCE initiative, was suggested.  In addition, prioritizing the ICD Registry in those sites doing device implantation was deemed a must to be in compliance with CMS mandates. 

Description: :NCDR-PR 2015:NCDR 2.jpgLooking ahead, we plan to help develop a support system based on a coalition of hospitals willing and deeply committed to develop and sustain NCDR.  Engagement of our Fellows in Training and Early Career Professionals, who participated in the event, is key as they will help carry the momentum. Ultimately, the time has come to focus on quality, which requires a focus on measurement.  As Lord Kelvin said, “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”.   Soon enough, Puerto Rico will be able to join the over 2500 U.S, hospitals that currently participate of NCDR and, in doing so, take a lead forward into making our hospitals safer, more effective, and better centered to the patient.