News from the 2015 ACC Leadership Forum

Dear ACC Member,

The ACC’s Leadership Forum in combination with the winter meeting of the Board of Governors (BOG) was just held January 30-31 in Washington DC.  Dedicated to promoting leadership skills among ACC leaders, this year’s meeting was special in many ways. 

First, the ACC provided free attendance to one of our Fellows in Training.  Dr. Juan Garcia, a senior CV fellow at the VA program, was awarded this opportunity to meet peer FITs, attend leadership workshops, and network among several national ACC leaders.  Our incoming governor-elect Dr. Sotomonte, was also in attendance, as we start a 1 and a half-year overlap of leadership mentoring into the role of Governor. 

Second, at the James T. Dove Leadership Award Dinner, our Puerto Rico Chapter was honored as one of 5 recipients of the “2014 Chapter Recognition Award for Excellence” for our work on Transformation of Care and Member Value and Engagement.   Our work to put together the “Puerto Rico CV Summit on Practice Solutions” last March was highlighted as a key strategy that other chapters were encourage to pursue, as was our NCDR launch event coming up this weekend.  Also, our FIT-led effort to document the history of our chapter in the 25th Anniversary Video was remarked as an important and unique member value proposition. 

Personally, the highlight of the whole event had actually little to do with cardiology but with the will and potential of our youth in Puerto Rico.  It so happened that the guest speaker for the James T. Dove Leadership Dinner was the current head of NASA, Maj. Gen. Charles F. Bolden, Jr.  He opened his remarks by using the award just granted to our Chapter to speak about Puerto Rico and NASA: the notoriety of the Arecibo observatory, but mostly the achievements of the students of the UPR Mayaguez.  He praised them on their outstanding work in a NASA-sponsored yearly competition on small lunar vehicle prototypes and how he saw the Puerto Rican students win this international competition year after year both at the college and the high school levels.  It was a remarkable moment of pride for the message of hope and of the potential of our younger generations.

On the BOG side, there was of course discussion on the MOC debate.  ACC President Dr. O’Gara gave a detailed presentation on the evolution of the conflict with ABIM and how the ACC will continue to stand for the interest of its members and our patients.  On their last meeting with the ABIM on January 25th, 2015, Dr. O’Gara felt progress was made towards reaching a compromise.  There will surely be more to follow by the ACC meeting in San Diego.  Fore more information, log into